Check - Gsky Powervu Decoders Now Opens Many Premium Channels In Africa

Infact for the past 10 days, this receivers has been opening many powervu satellite channels in africa including the dreaded MTN Worldwide package. And as the manufacturers promised, you do not need to be searching abround for powervu keys before you use their decoder to watch powervu channels just buy the decoder>>install the software and use while it last[Yes you are surprise; whenever you are using anything unofficial, it is always use while it last. Even if you are lucky to use it for two years at a stretch without interruption). Why i have not yet rated it 100% completion is that mtn worldwide package is not yet fully automatic. what i mean is this; there is still a chance of it been blocked, just that when it is blocked, i trust this team that they will reopen it within the shortest time frame until they finish the job of adding the automatic effect to mtn worldwide like they have successfully dodne to other powervu channels.
mtn worlwide sports 24 hdother powervu channelspowervu_intelsat 68 / 64


I know you maybe wondering what is special about gsky decoders when compared to other decoders out there that can decrypt powervu channels.. I will give you a comprehensive and convincing answer. Trust me.
The Most important thing is that Gsky combines all the features that is not present in any single decoder out there. This can be highlighted has follows:
  • Gsky v6 is an IKS(Internet key sharing) decoder out of the box by supporting cccam, gshare and so on meaning if you have a cccam account for any satellite of your choice, you can load and use it on your gsky instead of the powervu channels
  • Gsky is a full fta(free to air )decoder you can use Gsky as free to air decoder to scan any channel just like strong decoders, qsat…..
  • Gsky V6 has iptv editable platform as well as some unbelievable iptv / internet apps. seeing is believing.
  • Gsky is also a decoder that support all sorts of patch like; Biss, secs, viaccess, irderto, cryptoworks, nagravision, videoguard and Conan it also has, twin protocol…
  • Gsky is a competent sks(satellite keys sharing) decoder because it is opening powervu channels without the help of internet connection.
  1. Gsky is the only decoder that was designed with powervu solutions in view. Other decoders simply use a software to add powervu menu. This singular act means they will get more serious about maintaining the service than any other receivers out there. For example, if a package is blocked, you can be rest assured that you will get back in action faster than when you are using any other decoder.
  2. Only Gsky decoder has a lifetime subscription out of all the iks / sks decoders out there. Once you buy a gsky decoder, be it v6 or v3(i will always recommend v6 for end-users) you will not have to subscribe for any account whatsoever, be it monthly, or yearly. Just buy and use it indefinitely!!
  3. When you get a Gsky decoder, you will receive exceptional customer service through me in terms of troubleshooting and software updates.I do not need to prove a point here, you all know lemmy Morgan in this regard
  4. With Gsky, you do not need to worry about any internet connection to viewing premium powervu channels. I mean gsky receivers is the direct opposite of iptv solutions. Iptv is data-hungry, gsky does not use any internet connection to decrypt channels.
  5. No picture quality beats this the picture quality of these device; Iam talking about gsky v6 . the picture quality of gsky v6 is breathtaking. second to none, equal to tlink.
  6. No decoder out there is as versatile as gsky v6. This decoder has just every protocol, iptv url edit, many iptv premium apps for free,  a. CCcam/Newcamd protocol IKS, get a Cline or Nline from local server runner will enjoy more channels;
    b. AVATAR/Gshare/Ishare/ protocol iks;
    c. Patch software decode;
    d. Y4/Twin protocol, super stable performance;
    e. IPTV url edit and enjoy;
    f.  Super stable performance, suitable for CATV/SMATV/BusinessTV headend;


To start enjoying either v3 or v6, you only need to take two steps. One proceeds the other:
  1. Buy and install a minimum of 1.8dish(if i were you i will surely buy a minimum of 3m3ter dish) then use it to track as many as possible of the channels listed in my pictures above. Gsky currently opens any of the channels in the the pictures above.
  2. Buy the gsky v6 or v3 decoder. I do sell it and there is little difference between its price and that of qsat decoders. To book yours, send an email to info @ And that is all, you can start enjoying your channels in Africa as many as you can get with the dish you choose to use.


You need the help of a professional installer before you can do this. Secondly, small dish like dstv-size dish will not work for this. However, if you already own a 1.2 / 1.3meter dish, you can try it and see if it works. I have only successfully confirmed this on 1.8meter dish.  Out of all the satellite packages / channels posted in my picture above, the easiest to scan is MTN Worldwide package- Ironically, mtn worldwide happens to be the most sought after in Africa because it has two dedicated sports channel(These sports channels are major reasons why the keys are always been change frequently). I will therefore use mtn worldwide as my case study:
  • There are about 17 channels in all on mtn worldwide nss 20w / 57e c-band  powervu package. The channels includes; 1. France 24 francais, MSNBC, Fox News channel, CNBC US, Skynews international,  BBC World news, Sky Sports News HQ UK, Sports 24 HD, Prime US, Prime Telly, AFN Prime Atlantic, Afn News, AFN Sports (All these can be tracked and scanned using Satellite position: NSS7 20WFrequencies 4129 (R) 15405 and 4115 (L) 3680). You can also get the same channels on NSS12 57E C-Band with the following frequency: 4247 (L) 9246
  • Now that you know the satellite name / position>>frequency>>symbol rate>>polarization. What is left is for you to get the installation equipment ready.
  • You need your minimum of 1.8meter dish for new users or try using your 1.3meter dish if you already have one(if i were you and i have the money, i will always buy the largest that the space in my house can contain). Also buy original strong KU/C-band  lnbf from any strong authorized dealer. this special lnb comes with both cband and ku lnbfs.
  • Now use your strong decoder or satefinder or equivalent decoder that you are used to to first track the popular NSS7 22W KU using the ku lnb. Once you get the NSS7 KU signal, change your lnb to cband and input any of the frequencies(available for 22w and 20w cband) after inputing the powervu frequency, now change your lnb from ku to cband and raise your dish up gently and rock it gently back and forth until you get the signal of nss722w cband mtn worldwide package.
  • If you are not familiar with satellite dish tracking, please do not try this yourself. outsource it to a professional installer


None of the decoders will be useless whether powervu or not. I agree that v3 maybe limited if powervu stopped working on it but v6 is unlimited. v6 supports dongles, cccam, iptv and fta channels. On the other hand, there is no way all powervu channels will be shutdown at once. all these channels does not belong to the same providers and they have different contents. I welcome all inquiries regarding this product. Mind you, contact me via email only when you are fully convinced that this product is for you. If you do not know, there is a dedicated sport channels on the first picture in my article and you can enjoy many matches live on this channel.


  1. Do i need another dish for this? Yes you need a dish big enough to track the powervu channels read my post very well, you will get it
  2. Can I watch live soccer mathes on Gsky? Yes you can; mtn worldwide has at least two dedicated sports channels
  3. can this decoder scan dstv and canalsat channels? This decoder is a fta decoder and it is capable of scanning any satellite channel but you can only decrypt powervu channels by default on this decoder. in other words, you cannot view scrambled dstv or canalat channels on this decoder out of the box.
  4. I do not like any of the powervu channels receivable in Africa what can I do? You can look elsewhere for alternatives like iptv, fta, qsat…
  5. What will happen if sports 24 key is changed again? You will wait until the manufaturers update their system to reopen it.
  6. Will i be searching for pwervu keys whenever any channel stop opening? No!! when you are using gsky, you do not need to manually search for powervu keys. This will be done by the manufacturers.
  7. How do i download sftware updates? by staying tuned to this site
  8. How do I resubscribe? There is no subscription. It is a lifetime license.
  9. How stable is the channels when working? The stability is 100%. I mean there is no hanging or freezing of any sort.
  10. Is this product better than Ancloud? Well the answer is relative and subjective. Ancloud still has the best sports channels out there. But data cost and speed is a dreaded factor for Africans when considering iptv. On the other hand, if you do not have a space in your compound, you can not install a dish that will enable you use powervu decoders. Finally, there is a change of provider changing powervu keys. With ancloud, it is indefinite stability and reliability as far as you have the compatible data

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