Check - Download Powervu Software For Q28g

There is this software that opens powervu channels on qsat q28g. I think qsat team are currently exploring all alternative relief to the current dst* saga. We now have dqcam codes, dqiptv codes and now powervu on some selected qsat model. Earlier, i posted and uploaded powervu software for qsat q26g.
The war still goes on between dongles and dst*. We are hopeful for speedy recovery. There is however many alternatives out there that can be used in the meantime. Such alternatives are; iptv, powervu, fta, canalsat official decoder, ctl, hotbird and so on. Just that 60% of the alternatives are only usable with a big dish.
qsat opens 68.0e
This new software does not adversely affect any functionality on your qsat q28g. Similarly, it does not solve the dst* outage on qsat q28g. What this software does is simply to add a capability of opening some powervu channels on qsat q28g. It has also been speculated that if you are having problems of using any biss key on your qsat q28g, this software will restore the option. I mean some section complains that the previous q28g software deleted the biss keys / patch options. This software restore the option.


  • This software simply enable q28g users to be able to view encrypted powervu channels on q28g
  • This software also the “Biss Keys” Patch option on qsat q28g.
  • To scan powervu channels, you must read this
  • This software only works on qsat q28g please do not use it on any other qsat model
  • Extract / decompress the software with winrar / winzip after downloading in other to reveal the actual .bin file.
  • Download the software here

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