Check - Cater for South East youths to curb restiveness, Onu tells govt

Massob protest in Port Harcourt.
Massob protest in Port Harcourt.
MINISTER of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, yesterday urged goverment to address the needs of restive youths in the South-East geo-political zone of the country.
Speaking during the launch of a book he authored titled: “From Opposition to Governing Party: Nigeria’s APC Merger Story,” Onu particularly enjoined President Buhari to re-assure aggrieved youths in the South Eastern geo-political zone that their interests would be better protected under an APC-led administration.
Onu, who is a founding leader of the APC spoke against the backdrop of on-going agitation by youths in the South East geo-political zone pushing for the actualisation of the state of Biafra on the premise that the Nigerian state had abandoned them.
Apparently concerned over the agitations, Onu canvassed the support of President Buhari, noting: “In the Southeastern part of the country, there is a growing protest. It is important that all regions are represented in an orderly manner that represents all interests. Buhari understands the plurality of Nigeria and will do everything to accommodate all.
“The Igbo need Nigeria just Nigeria needs the Igbo. We must assure the youths of the South East that the administration of President Buhari means well for them.”
Acknowledging cheers and tributes from dignitaries who were present at the book launch, Onu offered an insights on how the three legacy political parties gave up their identities to form the All Progressives Congress (APC).
“This book will help APC to learn from the mistakes of the PDP and avoid what led to their downfall. In this journey of merger, the hand of God was clearly with us. Most people thought it was insurmountable. It is important for me to stress that in writing this book, I do not have any other interest, but to contribute to history.”
President Buhari, who graced the occasion, was however silent on the issues of youth restiveness in the South East as he paid tribute to Onu, whose defunct political party, the All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP) coalesced with other political parties to form the APC.

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