BoomBox: Kenyans mock president over frequent foreign trips

KENYA’S President Uhuru Kenyatta has been forced to defend his frequent trips abroad after an outbreak of mass ridicule on the Internet from Kenyans mocking him as a foreign leader making a fleeting visit to their country.
Kenyatta returned last week from trip abroad that included a summit in South Africa, a climate conference in France and a Commonwealth meeting in Malta. He is due to travel to Rwanda later this week, Reuters reported.
Kenyans have been trading photos online that depict highlights of his “visit” to Kenya. In recent days, the criticism has gone viral on the Internet, with the hashtag #UhuruInKenya surging in rankings of posts on Twitter.
A popular road traffic information website with more than 300,000 followers joked that a major Nairobi street had to be closed so Kenyatta could stay at the Kempinski Hotel, where United States President Barack Obama lived during a visit in July.

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