BoomBox: Intel excites customers with new campaign

Intel Corporation. Photo; topics.nytimes
Intel Corporation. Photo; topics.nytimes
RESIDENTS of Lagos who visited Ikeja City Mall last weekend went agog as leading IT firms, Intel, Lenovo and Microsoft, delighted passers-by with their recently launched “Best of Both Worlds” Campaign; using the riveting performance of contortionists who uniquely showcased the innovative and creative abilities of the Lenovo Laptop with the flexible movement of their bodies.
The Best of Both Worlds Campaign which was launched in Nigeria on November 3, highlights the practicability of using the 2 in 1 device that offers the flexibility of a convenient switch between PCs and Tablets whenever and wherever. The Best of Both Worlds campaign also highlights how consumers can get more productivity, creativity and self-expression out of 2 in 1 device, for the price of one.
Speaking at the event, Marketing and PR Manager, Intel West Africa, Adim Isiakpona, noted that Intel, in partnership with Lenovo and Microsoft, was proud to showcase the Lenovo Yoga series to Nigerians as a package that offers its users the Best of Both Worlds in one unique and sleek device.
According to Isiakpona, “The devices in the Lenovo Yoga Series are powered by Intel’s best processors and Microsoft Office and Windows capabilities. This affordable device gives innovation and flexibility a fresh meaning. The device is a laptop as well as a tablet, offering dynamism for personal preferences of the user. We believe that the contortionists portray the uniqueness, flexibility, and exciting offerings of the device quite nicely.’’

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