Do you recently purchase an android phone that the default theme is not looking gorgeously? And would like to change this default theme to a beautiful and elegant theme? Don’t worry; today I will work you through towards changing your android default theme to better theme.
First, you have to understand that your android phone needs to be ROOTED for this to be possible otherwise it would not be possible.
There different types or classes of android phones include;
Google Nexus 5, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4 (Sprint) ,LG Electronics Optimus G Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note II (AT&T), Motorola Moto X, Sony Xperia Z, Motorola Droid Maxx, LG Electronics G2.
It is only the Rooted Android phones that have access to custom themes that can replace your home screen, notification and your other phone system graphics. Themes that are compatible with the specific Android-rooted Read-Only-Memory (ROM) can replace the default theme of your phone.
When you install an incompatible theme on your phone, you will likely run into issues with your phone operating system or phone functions but when compatible these themes will give your phone a new look. You can switch from one theme to another at any time you like.
You can manually Root your android phone BUT you need to take precaution because you can damage the operating system of the phone. Again, it may be against the manufacturer’s terms and conditions. If you want to know how to root an android phone then you can Google out that.
Steps on how to Install New Android Themes on your Android Phone
steps of adding new adroid theme to phone
Step 1
Using your laptop or computer; search for themes that are compatible with your rooted android phone. There are many websites and forum that offer android themes such as; appsapk, phtheme, android-theme, play.google.com/store/apps, XDA Forums – XDA Developers etc
Download the theme .zip file on your computer. Create a folder on your desktop name android theme and save the theme .zip file on the folder. Then, right-click your theme file that you have downloaded without extracting it and click “Rename.” Change the name to “lastest.zip.”
Step 3
Connect your Android phone to your computer using the USB cable. Allow your android phone to come up or be seen by your computer. Click on “USB Mass Storage” if your phone prompts you for an USB mode. Simply drag and drop the latest.zip file to your phone. Ensure that this file is on the base directory of your Android’s SD card otherwise search for the base directory and the file there.
Step 4
Disconnect the USB cable from your computer. Shut down your phone completely holding down your power button. Power the phone again while holding down the home and power buttons simultaneously during the boot up process. Try to create a backup of your operating while the phone is in the recovery mode. Again, backup your flashed Android ROM if you have not done that before, apply the themes.
Step 5
Click on the “Apply Update” in your recovery mode options. Beware that if you’re using a custom recovery mode application, your option may be express in a slightly different way. Press “Home” button to confirm the update process and then restart your android phone. Your gorgeously new android theme will display as soon as you load up Android phone. You can easily switch between themes whenever you like.

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