Transportation in UNN

The only means of transportation within the school is via the school’s bus services known as UNN shuttle (This is clearly written on the shuttles buses and taxis available within and outside the campus). It takes students both in and out of the campus. These shuttles give one a great deal of convenience and a feeling of safety.
They have, as their destination, a park in the townwhichis very close to Peace Mass Transit Park (i.e, in front of the popular Ogige market at Nsukka). It can as well stop you anywhere you wish inside the campus or anywhere within its route. There are also other smaller routes inside the school like the Flat (Zik’s flat) route. The summary of the transport fares is as follows:
-Town (Park) to campus and vice versa: N 50 by shuttle bus, N 50 by shuttle taxi (mainly VW Golf car).
-Anywhere within the Campus is N30(bus), N50(taxi).
-Anywhere within the Campus is           N30(bus), N 50(taxi).

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