The gains and hazard of cell phone technology

SmatphonesThere is no doubt the fact that the only permanent thing in life is change, however, mankind is known to be resistant to change as is evident in the violent crisis that often herald any major changes in the way things are done in the annals of human existence.
The countless economic, political, cultural, military and industrial revolution of the ages bears eloquent testimony to the aforesaid.
Meanwhile, the latest changes that mankind has to grapple with as well as positively and purposely live with is the digital revolution which has come to stay. This is irrespective of the monumental negative consequences allegedly associated with it.
The digital revolution is one of the numerous products of human thinking, technology, innovation and ingenuity, which are aimed at improving the socio-economic stance, revive, reposition and remodel the antiquated ways mankind is used in getting things done or controlling the world around him.
Digital revolution as it is fondly referred to in certain quarters is multi-faceted, for instance, there are terrestrial broadcasting, (radio and television), wrist-watches, recorders, microphones, musical equipment, automobile, military hardware, and above all mobile phones which is the subject of our discussion.
However, this clever way of getting things done by man is generating fresh and serious controversies from people of all races, religion, socio-cultural and political affiliations.
Some opined that the new technology, particularly cell phones is a good development as it has helps in putting the world into their palms, that is, (globalisation). This is in addition to assisting mankind to get certain things done faster than usual such as mathematical calculation, through the use of cell phone’s inbuilt calculator, checking of time with phones instead of the usual wrist watches is also becoming a standard practice, taking pictures, sending messages and reading online books, through e-library, etc.
Some others contend that the hazard associated with the use of cell phones far out-weigh the benefits inherent in the use of the digital gadgets.
But to several others, the technology creates a good platform for social interactions, which of course know no boundary. They equally add that the business opportunity it creates to global citizens is awesome and second to none in the chronicle of human existence.
Another shade of opinion also posits that the social platform created through the use of Internet and mobile phone has led many young people astray as they are exposed to pornographic and other restive movies which negatively affect their behaviour and childhood formation, lead them astray and cause health challenges, which is occasioned by the use of earphone.
To this end therefore, it will be save to observe that the array of opinions on this matter can best be described as different strokes for different folks.

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