Senator blames pro-Biafra protests on worsening economy

BiafraTHE, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP ) representing Imo North, Senator Athan N. Achonu has attributed the on-going agitation for the realization of Biafran state on worsening economic situation in the country.
The senator, who spoke over the weekend also urged the Federal Government to tackle unemployment rather than the promised N5,000 monthly stipend, stressing that such palliative was not the solution to economic problems neither was it feasible considering the huge number of He, stressed that if the people, especially youths were gainfully employed, they would not have resorted to street protest.
“ If these men agitating for the state of Biafra are gainfully employed, they will not be in the streets protesting. There is hunger in the land and the government should do all it can to address the socio-economic challenges confronting the nation”, Achonu stated.
He continued: “ Only a few people are making a living.
The unemployment rate is too high. The government has to tackle unemployment and get the youths fully engaged and pay them the salary.
“There are people in Imo state that are owed seven months in pay.
These are people that have families and they eat food. Their children go to school as well. Why would such people not resort to kidnapping or other forms of crime?
“I also strongly believe the Federal Government should have a rethink on the promised N5,000 allowance per month because it is not the solution.
“If the government adds up that money in a year, it can build industries that would guarantee permanent employment for thousands of people. It is not a good policy and I do not know who emerged with it”, he said.
Achonu who is also the Vice Chairman, Committee on Banking, expressed the need for banks to ensure depositors’ funds are saved with the introduction of BCN.
According to him, there have been several complaints on the BVN and other issues , pointing out that the committee would deliberate on them as time progressed.
“Banks through Internet banking are open to fraud, but there are security measures adopted by banks to protect themselves. So, we have to look at whether the customers are also protected.

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