Jobrize Review – Pyramid Scheme Straight Ahead

Name: Jobrize
jobrizeOwner: ???
Price: Various
Overall Rating: SCAM!
If entering a site that showed me that it was unsafe, it’s really impossible for me to move forward. For others, they wouldn’t care. This review should give you the best understanding of what this “opportunity” is about, so that you don’t waste your hard earned money and time.

You want to make money. Yes, you do. We ALL want to make money. But do we want to earn it? That is the question we must ask ourselves each time we get curious enough to look up any and all “work from home” jobs.
Ultimately, no matter how we want to make money, we should be careful of how we SPEND our money….especially if it is on jobs that promise so much for doing so little. In fact, should you be spending money to work at all? These are the question you should ask yourself, especially when looking at sites such as


Well, all you have to do in order to make some extra cash is just get people to click a simple little link!
That sounds easy enough, right?
Well, if yours was the only link on the internet, maybe, but let’s face it, you are one in a million, and we are not talking in a good way. Depending on how, when, and where you attempt to post, there could be literally hundreds if not thousands of others trying to get the same attention as you.


The concept is fairly simple and straightforward. You sign up, you are given a link, then you have to deal with the exact scenario that was just exactly what I described just a few sentences ago.
Let me ask a question, and you absolutely do not have to answer out loud, but, be honest…how many friends do you have?
No, really, how many?
How many family?
How many people really know you and would want to help you and work for and with you? Now, take that number, and ask how many of THOSE people would be willing to just randomly pay you say $100 just for the same link you have? Or even 20 people who will pay you even just $5 like the site originally asks?
How many?
No much? Did not think so.


From suckers like you, of course.
No, I’m kidding, of course, you’re not a sucker.
But, no, really, it does come from poor saps looking to make a buck for little to no work.
What they tell you is that they are paying you to bring traffic to their site so that everyone can see it and fawn over it and tell everyone else how amazing their site is. What they DON’T tell you is that their site is nothing more than a big money grabbing link in and of itself.
It’s the top of the pyramid.
Now something may have just clicked in your brain if it hasn’t already. I know, I heard it from here.
Pyramid scheme? If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically where one person asks a bunch of other people for money and they give it to them in hopes that they will get money back somewhere. That is a basic explanation, but it’s not an exaggeration at all. That really is how it works.
The top of the pyramid takes all the money and everyone else tries to get other people to give them money too in hopes that maybe some of that sweet coin will overflow and they can pick them up and make what they perceive to be a profit.
Only there is not profit. You are not the top of the pyramid. You will not get paid.


The only thing and sites all over the web just like it can do is make promises they can not keep. They have no guarantee, no system of returns, no system at all!
All the and others like them do is sit upon their thrones, asking for more money, and telling you that the more you give them, the richer you will be. But when you ask yourself how that works, it really doesn’t make much sense, does it?
How does giving away all of my money to someone else MAKE me any money? This isn’t just some currency exchange or stock trade that could, in theory, turn a profit. This is just a business man, sitting behind a computer, wringing his hands, watching people fall for his plans.
Even though the site seems to be legit, if you look closely you notice that, although they use PayPal as a payment service, they have what appears to be little to no online security. In fact, if you notice, the only “security” they claim is what looks to be nothing more than a uncheckable .jpg for a company called “Swift Bank Wire” that appears to have been created in MSPaint sometime back in the mid 90s.
Want to email them? Good luck!
Turns out [email protected] just could not be bothered to be an actual email account. Shocker, really, but what do you expect from a company who’s tagline is “join. invite. earn.”
Join what? Invite who? Earn how much?


If was ever an honest company, they lost their way when they changed their name from In fact, those users on Google Chrome will be treated to (literally) a red flag as a bright red screen will pop up warning of the sites untrusted malware.
My advice?
Run. Run far and do not stop. You would do better flipping burgers for minimum wage than to spend a single penny trying to make the unnamed owners of this site any more rich than they already claim to be.
You are smart. You are capable. You are no fool.
So, avoid pyramid schemes like this one, and remember….if you have to pay to work, you are a customer, not an employee. Take care!

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