INVENTION: Zepp Labs Sensor For Baseball Players

Zepp Labs Sensor For Baseball Players
Zepp Labs have partnered with Premier Girls Fastpitch to put an end to an on going dispute over the rights to become Official and Exclusive Swing Analysis and Technology Platform of PGF. Utilising Zepp's 3D technology, it will offer detailed statistics to any baseball player, of any age and any level of ability. This should point them in the right direction to improve their skills and their overall game. The sensor is tiny, and simply attached to the end of any bat.

The sophisticated sensor monitors over 1,000 date points per swing, resulting in a 3D render of the swing which can be displayed on any smartphone or tablet device. This will prove extremely important to coaches who can use the data instantaneously to highlight failings in a swing. The data analysed includes bat speed, time to impact, attack angle and hand sleep.

This crucial data will no doubt prove invaluable to players and coaches, which should result in improved performances. Next time a player steps up to the plate they will be certain of how to perfect their swing, and more importantly what to avoid.

If you're serious about your baseball, then investing in this sensor may set you apart from the competition and allow you to progress further in the game.

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