INVENTION: What Exactly Are Smart Watches And Do You Need One

What Exactly Are Smart Watches And Do You Need One
Smart Watches are all the rage at the moment. But, the majority of us are still unclear as to what exactly a smart watch is and what they can offer. In this article I will try and provide an overview of smart watches and you can then make your own decision if you wish to invest in one or not.

The smart watch is not what many perceive it to be. It is not simply a smart phone replacement, it is an extension of the mobile phone. To unlock the full potential of one of these watches a connection has to be made with your phone, via a BlueTooth link. Once this is established you can select which notifications to receive straight to your wrist. Calls, messages, emails & social notifications are among the possible choices, although every watch offers different customizable options, so be sure to check before you buy. Some watches allow you to control your music and even take pictures remotely.

Not all smart watches are designed to work with all smart phones. Generally these are platform dependent, meaning that Android operating systems require an Android compatible smart watch, similarly with Apple's iOS. Additionally, some smart watches will only work on specific phone models, such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear which will only work with a select number of Samsung handsets including the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3.

So don't be fooled into thinking that the smart watch can replace your smart phone. The smart watch is useful so far as it is no more than a tilt of your arm away, reducing the need to constantly dig a phone out from your pocket. It's a little more discreet, so checking notifications is less likely to raise suspicions in a classroom environment, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly check on your messages.

It remains to be seen whether a smart phone will ever completely replace the smart phone, but with a limited display area it is extremely unlikely. A smart watch is a nice extension of a smart phone, especially in the form of a fitness tracker, but with limited functionality we don't see this as a groundbreaking invention...yet.

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