INVENTION: Watch With An Added Spark

Watch With An Added Spark
We've all been in those boring work meetings, where you struggle to concentrate and in some circumstances struggle just to stay awake. Well, now you can rest a little easier, comforted by the fact that the Spark watch will detect when you have nodded off, and send you a small vibration to waken you up.

The watch is fitted with two motion sensors that follow an algorithm to study the user's movements, which can then be used to identify when the user has drifted off. The 12 volt vibration motor sends a small shock to the user after it is confirmed the user has not moved in a regular way for a small period of time.

Spark mode can be turned off, transforming it into a simple LED screened watch with an interchangeable band. So there you go, pick one up and never fear falling asleep in an important meeting again!

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