INVENTION: Pioneer Fits Technology Unit Into Rearview Mirror

Pioneer Fits Technology Unit Into Rearview Mirror
Car technology is progressing quicker than ever, unfortunately only a select few at the top end of the market can afford to pack the latest gadgetry in. The Pioneer rearview mirror telematics unit allows for any car to pack in more technology via a wireless information module which fits casually into the car's rearview mirror.

The unit is equipped with an LTE communication module which links to the company's Mobile Telematics Center. This link provides information on local facilities, weather, news, traffic reports and navigation controls.

The details are displayed on a 5-inch LCD touchscreen. There is also a built in front view camera with wide angle lens which acts as a driving recorder. The camera monitors cars aheas detecting possible dangerous scenarios, and providing audio / visual warnings. A rear view camera can also be used wirelessly.

Pioneer claim the module can be used in fleet management via the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

The module also boasts gyro and acceleration sensors, acts as a WiFi hotspot, and can also work as a conventional rearview mirror.

The module is expected to be available within the next year, with pricing yet to be announced.

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