INVENTION: Oculus Rift Offers Immersion In Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift Offers Immersion In Virtual Reality
You may have heard about the progression of a virtual reality device that is preparing to take the gaming industry by storm. The Oculus Rift was first revealed three years ago, and only now have they smacked a release date on their Facebook-owned headset. The Rift will go on sale in early 2016.

The Rift will allow glasses to be used, and will include detachable headphones that can be adjusted on each side. The firm have claimed that the headset will be put on in a similar way to putting on a baseball cap. The device includes two OLED displays and the distance between the two can be controlled and adapted for different face shapes.

The headset will come bundled with a wireless Xbox One controller, with the ability to stream games from the Xbox console. They have also teamed up with Microsoft for games including Halo, Sunset Overdrive, Edge of Nowhere, Chronos and Forza. The Rift will be compatible with Windows 10, utilising the latest version of DirectX, DirectX12.

There is an Oculus Touch controller that has been designed. These crescent shaped controllers allow the user to interact with the virtual reality world. That being said, the Rift has opted to sell with an box controller, suggesting a tight relationship between the two companies.

E3 will demonstrate the technology next week, but a price and accurate release date are yet to be decided on. Early indications suggest a price in the region of $500.

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