INVENTION: The Monotracer Motorbike Car

The Monotracer Motorbike Car
Not sure whether to go for a motorbike or a car for tearing down the road? Then look no further than the monotracer, which packs all the thrills of a motorbike with all the benefits of a modern car. Boasting an aerodynamic, sport-like appearance, a maximum speed of 155mph(130hp), and an integrated GPS and audio system, there is no corner this machine cannot take gracefully with all the ease of a motorbike and practicalities of a car.

The engine is derived from the BMW K1200 and manages 0-60 in 5.7 seconds. The vehicle can fit 2 persons, entry being eased via the gull-wing-door and there is an integral sunroof opening to the left.

Travel in this and you'll sure to be noticed, but whether or not for the right reasons is an entirely different question.

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