INVENTION: Mind4 Android Based Drone Takes To The Skies

Mind4 Android Based Drone Takes To The Skies
There has been a surge in drones released over the last year or so, most of which are targeted towards sporting enthusiasts. What separates the Mind4 from its rivals is the built in camera which is streamed to an app on a smartphone, allowing the user to dictate which object to follow. With improved specifications, drones are now capable of delivering some stunning results, such as getting close to wild birds, or air shots over the grand canyon. Obtaining this sort of footage is rare, as it is heavily dependant on the pilot's skill coupled with a little bit of luck.

Eliminating human error greatly improves the success of drones, and the Mind4 bases its entire design on this premise. It relies on a smartphone device to position the drone using a targeting mechanism on the phone itself. The target to be locked can be viewed on screen, an app which is available on both iOS and Android. The autolock function allows the drone to automatically attach to a given object, or for those looking for added control, a manual target can be selected. With the company boasting an accuracy of one millimeter, the drone begins tracking after the Start button has been pressed.

Gesture control is also evident in the Mind4. This removes the need to use your smartphone to control the drone, instead waving your hand to bring the drone closer, pointing towards the ground to land, and putting both hands in the air to capture a photograph.

The drone weighs 960g, with a range of 2km. The battery allows for a 20 minute flight time, during which you can shoot photographs at an impressive 720p. This drone claims to be the first Android based drone, with customisation available through the app, such as adjusting the gesture controls.

AirMind have started this venture on KickStarter, the pitch for the campaign can be found on the video below.

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