INVENTION: Illuminated Nightspur Attaches To Shoe

Illuminated Nightspur Attaches To Shoe
If you're a keen runner or cyclist, especially when the sun has set or yet to rise, you will understand the importance of visibility to other road users. This is where the Nathan's LightSpur comes into play, a small gadget that clips on to your heel, lighting up both bulbs as it grips to the shape of your heel.

There are two settings; a flashing light and a constant light. The LightSpur is waterproof and weighs in at 34g (1.2 0z), powered by a CR2032 watch battery offering over 100 hours of flashing light use.

The LightSpur retails for around the $20 mark, but we're yet to be informed if this is for a single spur or a pair.

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