INVENTION: Htc Metallic Strap Smart Watch

Htc Metallic Strap Smart Watch
With Samsung and LG having released smart watches, you would imagine HTC would be hot on their heels with their own take on the smart phone market. That seems to be the case, if this picture is anything to go by, and shows that all the big name companies are moving towards smart watches.

@evleaks recently posted an image of what the HTC smart watch will look like. From the picture we can see that they have went for a square face, with a metallic strap, perhaps to give it a more solid and durable feel. In our opinion, we are in favour of the metallic strap over the rather cheap looking rubber or plastic strap.

This is however an artist's reproduction of the watch, meaning that the details may be slightly sketchy. @evleaks does stress that the image is 100% based on the version that they have seen, so claim it won't be far off the mark.

This should not be taken as official, but does give a hint as to what HTC may have up their hands. If this does mimic the real thing, then we think it looks great, and would love to get our hands on one. What do you all think?

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