INVENTION: Flow Gesture Control Device

Flow Gesture Control Device
Graphic design controllers are not a new idea. A device which simplifies complex, tedious or repetitive tasks, which may not be possible with a conventional keyboard and mouse combination, using natural hand gestures.

Flow is a new wireless programmable controller still under development, mainly geared towards CAD, video editing and resource intensive jobs. The company raised $50,000 on Indiegogo, before successfully raising the bar to $75,000. The lightweight, portable Flow combines hand gesture recognition, haptic feedback and touch, to improve a range of digital activities. The device itself exhibits an aluminium and stainless steel metal ring, coupled with a polycarbonate touch screen.

The gadget will be compatible with over 30 applications, including several of the big players, such as Photoshop, AutoCAD and YouTube.

The Flow will initially support OS X only, but there are plans to roll out support for iOS and Android devices. The settings are controlled by a Web interface, where you can set up your own gesture controls and shortcuts.

As Flow is open source, developers can add to the software to bring a range of potential add-ons.

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