INVENTION: Batteriser Extends Battery Life

Batteriser Extends Battery Life
This fantastic little gadget will please a lot of people. How often are people left frustrated by how little time a battery takes to run out, leaving you frantically searching the house for a spare. Well, you will now be able to depend on your average battery a whole lot more thanks to the Batteriser. This nifty device claims to extend any given disposable battery life by up to 800%, and fortunately will retail for as little as £1.60.

The gadget is essentially a sleeve for batteries, being 0.1mm thick and working by restoring the power of fading batteries back to their fully functioning 1.5v.

1.5v is the trigger point for batteries. Once a battery fails to maintain that level the battery will stop working, leaving you with a worthless battery despite having 80% of their power still in them.

Normally, when a battery drops below 1.5v, it stops working in most gadgets – so we throw away batteries with 80% of their power left unused.

The Batteriser restores the battery to it original level, thus extending the life of the battery. Pretty simple, but brilliantly effective.

Bob Roohparvar of Batteriser said, "The Batteriser has boost circuitry that will boost the voltage from 0.6 volts to 1.5 volts and will maintain voltage at 1.5 – which is a brand new battery."

The company is actively seeking funding and is due to launch later in the year.

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