Are you an MTN Subscribers whose phone or SIM card got missed or stolen and you are now looking for a way to restore your backup contacts or do SIM backup recovery; I will walk you through a simple way you can do this. It is pretty simply compare to the first time you do backup of your contacts.
MTN Backup Contact Recovery
I presumed that you have done backup of your contacts before now using MTN backup services on your phone. If you have done this, those phone contacts are stored in an MTN secured internet data server. That is to say that you can easily retrieve those contacts from their internet data server any time you want them since you are their customer.
Reasons Why You Needed To Retrieve Your MTN Backup Contacts
• Your phone is stolen
• Your SIM got spoilt
• Your contacts are mistakenly deleted by you or someone
• Your phone got spoilt
Things you should know before you can retrieve your Backup contacts
• Buy an MTN backup 128K SIM card as new welcome pack SIM card, any MTN SIM Card below 128K will not work.
• Make sure you have up to N50 airtime on your new MTN line.
• You new phone should fall among these phones;
• Alcatel
• Arima
• LG
• Motorola
• Nokia
• Panasonic
• Sagem • Sanyo
• Samsung
• BenQ-Siemens
• Simbit
• Sony Ericsson
• Vertu
How to retrieve your Backup contacts, tasks, events, calendar, and notes using MTN Backup Service?
Now, follow these steps to retrieve your MTN Mobile Phone contacts;
• Log into your MTN backup online account at: using your login details (your mobile number e.g. 2348012345678) and your password that was provided during your initial contacts backup.
• Go to devices to view where you did your recent backup or synchronization (sync)
• Ensure you select a phone-type that matches with the current phone you are using.
• Click on sync now; you will receive an OTA message that says “server wants to do a synchronization with you”
• Click on continue and it says
“Operation in progress” Wait for the operation to complete.
After completion, your new phone will be update with your contacts, events, tasks and notes that you have saved before on your old phone; you will see “Operation successful. Thank you” Click on OK
MTN backup service will send you a text message
Y’hello! Your SIM backup was successful. Now your contacts are safe on the MTN network. Thank you for choosing MTN N. N50 will be deduct from account automatically while MTN resend the sync data to your phone using OTA; with this you will be able to get back all of your backup data back to your phone.
You can retrieve up 200 contacts from your SIM backup and 5000 contacts from your phone backup.
Now, If you have not backup your MTN contacts before; here are the steps to backup your MTN contacts, tasks, events, calendar, and notes using MTN Backup Service
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