How to Install Two WhatsApp in one Android Device

This tutorial will show you how you can install two different Whatsapp application in your android device. Note this method doesn’t require root access, so it will work on any android either rooted or not.
two whatsapp on one phone

The trick makes use of a modded version of WhatsApp for Android which is called OGWhatsapp which has all the feature of the original whatsapp and even other cool features.
How to Install OGWhatsApp on Android Device to Enjoy Two WhatsApp
  1. First you have to do a full backup of your present WhatsApp by going to chat setting and click on backup conversation. [see image below]
OGWhatsapp Install
  1. Now go to Settings>> Apps then click on your current installed WhatsaApp and click clear data. [see image below]
OGWhatsApp install
  1. Now to the most important step, you should use any available file manager then gotosdcard/WhatsApp which is the folder of your currently installed WhatsApp and rename the folder to OGWhatsApp so the path will now look like sdcard/OGWhatsApp. [see image below]
  1. Now download the latest version of OGWhatsapp from here OGWhatsApp v2.11.432.apk and install it.
  1. Now you should have two WhatsApp installed on your device but the last step is also very important, you should open the OGWhatsApp and when it asked for number to verify, use the old number you were using with the official whatsapp on your device before and it should verify without any code been asked, now open the official WhatsApp and it will also ask for a number now type in the new number you want and get the code on that number and verify.

Now you have two WhatsApp running on your android device, you can change the launcher icon and notification icon color of the OGWhatsapp by going to OGMods on the OGWhatsApp so you can be able to quickly know from which of the WhatsApp you have a new message.

Enjoy and share this trick with your friends.

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