You know that Google is the most popular search engine with over 90% of global searches performed on it, making Google+ page to become a very important business page.
Moreover, let say  you recently got a new custom URL for your Google+ page and you feel like  replacing the old  Google URL with the new one which you may want to link to your website. You can still change the URL and even the Page tagline instead of creating a New Google+ page for this New URL; and you will still retain your Google+ followers and your old posts. It is very simple and easy.
All you need to do is to follow the steps below;
  1. Log onto Google+ page by visiting Google+ website or whichever way you’ve been using before. You know of course if you have opera mini downloaded on mobile, you log in to Google + page through your opera mini browser in one touch dial but the changes is better done on desktop.
2. Once you are on Google+ page. Click on home Tab button on left hand side of the page.
picture of google plus home page
3. A dropdown menu will show up, click on pages. The page you want to change the URL will show up. Click on manage this page button
google plus page
4.  Click on the edit page button below the page on the next page displayed
picture of Google plus edit button
5. Locate the edit link URL of the Google plus page you wish to change on the button right of the page and click on edit button and you can also change the page description by clicking on edit link below the tagline and introduction as shown in the diagram below.
  how to change Google PLUS URL
6.  Once you click on the edit, you will be shown page to edit URL as shown below. After that click save and you are done.
PICTURE OF Change your Google plus URL
 You can also add another custom URL if you want by clicking on the add custom link as shown on diagram.

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