Getting an Accommodation in UNN

There are two options as regards getting an accommodation for any new student in UNN. One option is to stay outside the campus otherwise known as off-campus. 
In choosing this option, a fresh undergraduate in UNN has to be extremely careful to avoiding falling into the hands of cultists or fraudsters. Don’t rush to get just any place. Ask around and ask mostly elderly people or friends in higher levels after you have made some and are sure you can trust them.
The second and recommended option for accommodation in UNN is to stay within the school campus, in the hostels.

Hostel Accomodation for UNN New Students

UNN has many hostel accommodation halls for new students in the both the Nsukka and the Enugu campus of the University. Girls seem to have many more available hostel accommodation halls within the campus than guys, so most guys prefer to stay off-campus. Nevertheless, preference is given to new students before old and returning students during the hostel allocation exercise.

What is the accommodation fee?

The accommodation fee is usually Eleven Thousand, Five Hundred Naira (N11,500) for female students and Nine Thousand Naira (N9,000) for male students per academic year excluding the Student Affairs Department Accommodation clearance fees which will not cost more than N2,000. Don’t worry, when you enter school, you’ll see why the fee is less for guys.

How can a student secure an accommodation?

A student can secure an accommodation by visiting UNN site and logging in to theStudent Portal to apply for hostel accommodation bed-space when the registration for new students for the academic session is announced. Once you apply, an unknown bed-space will be secured for you. Once you make payment with the confirmation order obtained from the portal, you will allocated the bed-space in a hostel within the school campus by the system.

How long will the space be available after allocation and before payment?

The allotted space will be available for about 2 weeks after which the student loses the accommodation and the system automatically re-assigns the room.

Where are the hostels located?

The hostels are located at both the Nsukka and Enugu campuses of the University.

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