Get to Preview New Google+ Layout Before Anyone [2015]

Google is trying hard to get users on their social media, Google+. Though there are lot of users already using Google+, people are not addictive than they are on Facebook. The reason is, their friends are on Facebook. Even if some users switch to Google+ for certain reasons, they switch back to Google+ as they start to feel lonely after some days of usage. Google+ has redesigned their social media and you can preview the layout before everyone gets permanently.
New Google+ Layout
To preview new Google+ layout, follow the steps below:
  • Login to your Google+ account
  • Visit this link
  • Click on the top search bar
And voila! You have got your new Google+ layout on your profile.
New Google+ layout for Page 2015
It looks like Google+ is testing its layout with small number of users. Activating the new layout, you can send Google+ a feedback about the new layout in order to improve the site.
Some of the features on the new Google+ layout is missing. Hangouts and other few features were found missing on the new Google+ layout.
The new Google+ layout allows you to share between different social media websites. You can share any public post on Facebook and Twitter. This may welcome more users to Google+.
The new layout has an “About me” page separately that opens in a new tab takes you to Google About Me.
Google has made an impressive material design layout that works well both on mouse devices and also on touch screen devices. The touch screen may be the new big wave in the future, as laptops are now becoming touch friendly with operating systems like Windows 10.
The new Google+ layout is just a preview for users and will not last permanently. There is no official news about the permanent change but the change should happen soon in the neat future.
If you try to reload the page using browser reload button, or if you log out and log in, the old layout gets restored.
What is your thought on the new Google+ layout? Comment below.

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