For Up and Coming Art - 5 Key Strategies to Get Your Song Featured on Blogs

The pathetic way.

I am going to explain this to you as a blogger that I am, feel free to drop comments if you agree or disagree with this post, so lets start.
It is no more news that the internet is the number one source of content distribution and goto place. As musicians or artistes, it’s your job to form relationships with blogs and bloggers in order to get your music out to the public. The earlier you realize you are competing with lots of talent the better for you to strengthen your relationship with bloggers. Here are five strategies that will help you cut through the competition easily!

ONE – Research Bloggers or Blog Owners

If you want your music featured on top music blogs in Nigeria (a domain I partake in), research the blog owners or at least the guys they employ to do the job. Follow them on Twitter, Instagram. Drop a comment or two… don’t be creepy. Once you can find an easy way of communication, try to establish a relationship based on the work they do on the website; be a genuine fan of what they share. This will be much more impactful than sending your song to [email protected] Once you get in touch with the actual music blogger, let them know that you have been enjoying there work and how much they are impacting in Naija Music

TWO – Compose a Well Constructed Email

It only takes 3 seconds to decide whether a blogger is posting your song or not, first impression they say matters a lot. If a blogger opens your email and sees pidgin English or abbreviations, two things are involved, either he deletes the email right away or spams. Take your time to compose a nice email saying little little, I repeat little things about you and your track. Bloggers don’t want to do research for you. Please as a subject of the mail, put the track title and not things like “Guy Post Immediately”, “Please in the name of God help me”, “I am talented, save my soul”

This is another secret, don’t send bulk email, personalize it. e.g Hello 9jaBoomBox. This shows that you took out time to send a mail to 9jaBoomBox

THREE – Have a well designed Art Cover

This shouldn’t be a big deal, a couple of creative graphic artistes are out there, no blogger will take shitty image of you and ruin his blog interface, the effort you put in this shows that you really mean business to start with.


Having a great song goes beyond lyrics, have it properly mixed and mastered. Do not record at the corner of your bed with your phone and send to bloggers, we screen to every content.


Since you have a good relationship, it shouldn’t be hard to follow up with the blogger or blog owner, don’t bug them, don’t be creepy.

Above all PRAY

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