Where can I buy cheap and fairly used cars in Nigeria?
Are you looking for a website or where to buy a new or fairly used car in Nigeria? I mean second hand or new cars, Toyota cars, sienna cars, Peugeot cars, passat cars, kia rio cars, rover cars, rav4 cars, Renault cars, UK used cars, US used cars, Volkswagen golf cars, Vento cars, Volvo cars, golf 2, 3 cars, Mazda 323, Honda cars, Mercedes cars, Audi 80 cars, mitsubishi cars etc.
I have list of 5 sites where you can purchase either new or fairly used cars in Nigeria. But before I jump into listing these sites let me draw your attention on things you should know about fairly used cars.
How do you find a good car to buy in Nigeria?
You’re ready to purchase a second hand car and you’re wondering how to get a new car, there are few questions you need to answer correctly that will help you in buying the type of new or fairly used cars that you want.
1. What do you really want in a car?
This is an important question you should ask yourself before you venture into buying any car because the answer is as good as the car itself. Do you want a car that consumes less fuel, has affordable spare parts, easy to maintain and still has ample space? Then you should go for Toyota space wagons or Nissan Primera. These cars cost less and are easier to maintain. Do you want a car that can withstand Nigeria pot holes, cost less, consumes less fuel but the spare parts may be costly, then you can try Honda product. But it is good you answer these questions yourself because I may have a different taste for car from you. What I want in a car may be different from what you want.
2. Why do you want to buy the car?
Do you need it to be a family car for social occasions and ‘school runs’, going church or you want a simple car for your work or perhaps you wish to run a taxi service on a part time basis. You have to decide why you want to buy the car. Know what you want to use the car for and consider the city or locality where the car will be use. Toyota Camry can be use for special taxi services in a city like Enugu, Port-Harcourt, Uyo, etc while Opel Vectra can be use for taxi services in a city like Jos, FCT, Kano, Yola, etc
3. How much do you wish to spend in buying the car?
You don’t have to buy a car that you can’t afford to maintain neither would you want to buy a cheap car whose spare parts are expensive in Nigeria. Again, you don’t have to consider price as a yard stick over actual value of the car. Don’t buy a car because it’s cheap. The car may have some hidden faults which you may not easily find out and will cost you dearly in fixing it up later. So, go for grade 1 cars and know the average market price before fixing your budget. N550, 000-N600, 000 can buy you a quality second hand car in Abuja, Lagos, and Kano.
Sites you can get new and fairly used cars in Nigeria
When searching for a new car or second hand to buy, the internet is a great place to search for cars and some popular websites include;
olx Nigeria
Nigeria OLX – Cars
OXL Nigeria is one of the top Nigeria classified ads site or free advertisement site. Sellers advertise their cars on the site free of charge. So, all new and used cars for sale on OXL Nigeria are posted by their owners. Therefore, if you want to buy car there you have contact the owner of the car.
As of the time this article is written, the list of cars posted on OXL Nigeria and their prices are;
Peugeot 206 2001 Model Metallic Grey Direct Belgium
Cars – Ibadan Central—————————————₦300000
Golf4 Authomatic
Cars – Lagos Island West———————————–₦110000
Tokunbo 2008 Lexus ES350
Cars – Ikeja—————————————————₦3500000
toyota corolla
Cars – Port-Harcourt—————————————₦250000
Sparkling Tokunbo Toyota Camry 08 Model
Cars – Port-Harcourt—————————————-₦350000
Cars – Wuse—————————————————₦2000000
Cars – Wuse —————————————————₦3000000
Toyota Sienna Limited XLE AWD
Cars – Oluyole————————————————₦2200000
Cars – Wuse—————————————————₦4000000
8 month registered mercedes benz CLS 500
Cars – Lagos Island West———————————₦3400000
Super clean toyota venza 2010 on board at affordable price
Cars – Lagos Island West———————————-₦650000
Used land discovery 3 model 2006
Cars – Lagos Island West——————————–₦2100000
Toyota Corolla 2004 model
Cars – Ikeja————————————————-₦850000
Nissan Pathfinder jeep
Cars – Abeokuta South———————————–₦800000
Volvo S80
Cars – Lagos Island West——————————–₦550000
Toyota Highlander
Cars – Surulere——————————————–₦1100000
Super and extensively clean venza 2010 at 4.6m
Cars – Ifako Ijaiye——————————————₦4600000
Toyota Camry
Cars – Abeokuta North———————————–₦500000
Volkswagen golf2
Cars – Asokoro———————————————-₦300000
Very Clean Toks Honda Odyssey 2000 Leather Interior
Cars – Wuse II————————————————₦550000
Audi A6 Avant
Cars – Asokoro———————————————–₦180000
Clean Volkswagen Passat CC 2013
Cars – Asokoro———————————————–₦450000
Neatly used 2009 Honda City @900k
Cars – Lagos Island West———————————–₦900000
Cars – Wuse————————————————–₦1500000
Toyota corolla
Cars – Ilorin East———————————————-₦250000
Peugeot 206 2001 Model Metallic Grey Direct Belgium
Cars – Ibadan Central—————————————-₦300000
Toyota Corolla Ĺšport 2007
Cars – Ikeja—————————————————-₦1830000
If you want know the current list of the cars on OXL Nigeria, right now and their prices; here is the link:
Cars in OXL Nigeria and their prices
Nairaland is one of the top Nigeria online forums. At nairaland autos page, car sellers advertise their fairly used cars. So, if you’re searching for a new, second hand or tokunbo car that you can buy, visit nairaland auto now;
On new or used cars with their prices
cheki NG
cheki used cars and prices

Cheki is Nigeria no.1 car website. You can buy a used car from and you can also sell on cheki
To get the latest price on new and used cars on cheki, check this link;
New and fairly used cars with prices on cheki
Sellyourcar is Nigeria’s Online Auto Market. You can buy used cars, new cars, Vehicle Accessories on sellyourcar Nigeria.
Here is the link to price of new and fairly used cars on sellyourcar;
Prices of New and fairly used cars on sellyourcar
Truckscout24 are specialist market for used trucks, vans, transporters, construction and agricultural machinery, trailers and semi-trailers, forklifts and other commercial vehicles. Apart buying any of these vehicles from truckscout24, you can also sell your own truck.
All the trucks on truckscout24 are NOT the same.
The most popular and requested trucks on truckscout24 are; Box, Tipper and Flatbed + tarpaulin. Find out beforehand which category suits you best.When buying a truck, like with any vehicle, careful attention should be paid to a few basic areas, such as: mileage, oil leaks, service intervals, history/usage of the truck, accident damage, serviceability of the truck and its substructures, rust, fuel consumption, Euro emission standards, etc. Further inspections may be necessary depending on the category of the truck and its substructures. For example Box trucks need to be checked for water tightness and Tipper trucks for possible damage in the substructure and drive train.
The most popular makes of trucks on AutoScout24 are: MAN, Mercedes, Volvo, Renault, Iveco and Scania.
You can get current prices of new and used cars on truckscout24 from this link: new and fairly used cars with their price on truckscout24.
Carmudi is Nigeria’s number one online car dealer on Used and New cars. Carmudi are not car seller! Their major role is to help you find the right car and make the link with the owner just as I am joing right now.
“With our experience and our know-how, as well as a clear understanding of the specificities of the Nigerian car market, we offer the best online market place for vehicles in Nigeria”
For carmudi used cars and price, check it out: carmudi new and used cars with their prices
You can find great car deals from these websites and forum I listed above. Also some known road side car dealers may have cars at bargain prices but these are usually rare.
Other places where used cars are advertise for sale are national newspapers sites and other similar OXL Nigeria classified Ads sites such, DealfishGoogle Trader, and TradeStable with the contacts of the seller.
When buying used cars, it a good idea to buy from a seller within your city. Note that you need to inspect the car in person, so buying used cars from outside your city will involve traveling.
Do not pay for a car you’ve NOT seen physically (pictures only is NOT acceptable)
Do not supply you bank detail to anybody.
Go with a mechanic or your car operator when buying the car to assess how sound the car is.
You can negotiate with the car seller online or through phone but do not pay online
Call the used car seller, ask questions and setup a meeting. Beware of FRAUD!
  • New import duty on used cars in Nigeria is 70 per cent.
    An imported brand new car that sells for N1.5 million will be rise to N2.55 million with the new Nigeria import duty and used car that cost N700,000 would automatically become N1.19 million .
  • Most expensive car used in Nigeria is Bugatti veyron – The price is N400 million Naira
  • how much is used cars in Nigeria- The price vary depending on the car. check the above sites for used car prices

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