7 Reasons Why UNN is a great place to be

The University of Nigeria (UNN), commonly referred to as UNN, is a federal university located in Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria. Founded in 1955 and formally opened on 7 October 1960, the University of Nigeria has four campuses – Nsukka, Enugu and Ituku-Ozalla – located in Enugu State and one in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.
The University of Nigeria(UNN) was the first full-fledged indigenous and first autonomous university in Nigeria, modeled upon the American educational system.
It is the first land-grant university in Africa and one of the five elite universities in the country. The university has 15 Faculties and 102 academic departments. The University offers 82 undergraduate programs and 211 postgraduate programmes.
The university celebrated its 50th anniversary on October 2010. See seven (7) simple but profound reasons why you made a good choice to study in UNN:

1. UNN is located in a peaceful and serene pace:

UNN is located primarily in Nsukka, Enugu state which is a very peaceful and calm geographical location in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria. What this means for you as a student is that you can rest assured throughtout your academic pursuit that security will not be much of a problem.

2. UNN is among the top 10 universities in Nigeria:

For UNN to fall in the list of top 10 universities in Nigeria out of a total of about 120universities in Nigeria excluding polytechnics and colleges of education shows that UNN is indeed a very reputable institution in the country. UNN as of the 2015 ranking of both the NUC and Webometrics holds the 7th position.
A lot of people are of the opinion that UNN still is the most reputable university since it is the only university that answers University of Nigeria.

3. UNN is credited for having a high number of Professors:

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka is credited for having a high number of professors who are seasoned and experienced in their work of lecturing. Many of them have either obtained their Masters Degree or PhD Degree abroad which makes them all the more exposed. You are lucky to have these embodiment of knowledge.

4. UNN is known for producing notable people in the society:

UNN is indeed the den of the Lions as it is credited for having produced a lot of notable people in the society, the likes of Chinua Achebe, Charles Chukwuma Soludo, Patrick Utomi, Godwin Emefiele and so many others you may not have imagined. See full list here
Let’s proceed to other important things you need to know about UNN that will help you settle down.

5. UNN’s School Fees is quite affordable

UNN is a federal university and though it is one of the federal schools with the highest school fees, the institution’s school fees still cannot be compared to the situation in some state universities or private universities in Nigeria.

6. UNN has wireless Internet services that enhance your learning process:

A lot of students do not utilize the advantageous opportunity in the school. UNN has wireless internet services which you pay for in the school fees. You can easily access the internet at almost every location in the school campus once you have paid your school fees.

7. UNN pushes you to bring out the best in yourself:

UNN is an environment where you compete with the best students from various secondary schools in the country. The school also has the biggest library in West Africa. You have no reason to bring out the best to meet up.

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