[Tutorial] How to make an MTK Droid tools backup of an MTK Android phone

Note: This procedure is the same for all MTK based Android phones (e.g Tecno, Gionee, Infinix, TLC, Opsson, Innjoo, Lead1 etc ) 

# See the video tutorial below or @ http://youtu.be/AJLgSD9zHb8

Tools needed

* A working MTK phone
* Download PdaNet
* Download MTK Droid tools @ http://hovatek.com/redirect.php?link=htt...16x3G1/v/0 . For newer chipsets, download @ http://hovatek.com/redirect.php?link=htt...2.5.3d.zip
* PC
* USB Cord
* Enough space. Ensure to have at least 4GB  free (some phones require over 10 GB free so get a 16 GB SD card just to be on a safe side ) on the SD card / phone Storage to avoid the insufficient storage space error)


If you encounter any error in MTK Droid Tools then see a list of MTK Droid tools errors and their solutions @ https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-7655.html


* Enable USB debugging on the good MTK phone (Settings > Developer > Tick USB Debugging) then connect it to PC. If you don't find Developer under Settings then go to Settings > About > Keep taping Build Number
* Install PdaNet on the PC with the USB debugging enabled working MTK phone still connected (Select Other from the list of devices during installation)
* At the end of PdaNet installation, you should get a "drivers successfully installed" message
* Exit PdaNet in system tray (bottom right corner of PC)
* Launch MTK droid tools as Administrator (right-click > run as Administrator) still with the working MTK phone connected to PC
* MTK droid tools should detect and display the phones details by the left along with a yellow box at the bottom
* Click ROOT at the bottom of MTK and select Yes/OK if prompted on PC and Grant if prompted on phone
* A progress bar should load at the bottom shortly after which the yellow box should become green 
* Click on the root,backup,recovery tab at the top
* Click Backup (MTK should keep writing some things by the right hand side during backup) and wait till backup is complete
* If you get a prompt to pack backup, select No.
* Once backup is complete, don't close MTK droid tools
* Go to the MTK droid tools folder > Backups > Folder named after the phone's model e.g Tecno_m3_backup.... and take note of this folder as the 'Backup folder' because we'll be referring to it soon
* Go back to MTK droid tools and click 'To prepare blocks for Flash Tool'
* A window will open, in this window, navigate to the Backup folder (mentioned above) and select the md5 file
* MTK will start copying some items (check the right hand side) so wait till copying is complete
* Once copying is complete, open the Backup folder and you should see a folder named "!Files to flash" 
* The !files to flash folder is a selection of files needed to use Sp Flash tool, keep it well
* Both the !files to flash folder and the x_backup folder (which contains the !files to flash folder) are your phone's MTK backup
* If you need an MTK Droid tools backup of usrdata and cache then use MTK Droid Tools version 2.3.0 or do a read back using Sp flash tool (see https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-526.html )

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