[Tutorial] How to fix null / invalid IMEI on Spreadtrum phones

Here's a guide on fixing null / invalid IMEI on Spreadtrum (e.g Itel) phones. If you have an unknown Baseband (Settings > About > Baseband) then consider flashing the stock ROM first using this guide @ https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-1231.html .

See the video tutorial below or @ http://youtu.be/4GSm0Z06U9M

Method 1: Engineer Mode (No Root Required) 

* Root the phone
* Dial *#*#83781#*#*
* In Engineer Mode (Under Telephony), select Set IMEI

[Image: how-to-fix-null-imei-on-a-spreadtrum-phone-6.png]

* Input the IMEI the click Set IMEI

[Image: how-to-fix-null-imei-on-a-spreadtrum-phone-7.png]

* Select OK when prompted to reboot

[Image: how-to-fix-null-imei-on-a-spreadtrum-phone-8.png]

Method 2 : Shortcut Master (Root Required)


* Rooted phone
* Install Shortcut Master (lite) @ http://hovatek.com/redirect.php?link=htt...lite&hl=en


* Launch Shortcut Master (lite)

[Image: how-to-fix-null-imei-on-a-spreadtrum-phone-0.png]

* Press the Menu button and select Secret Code Explorer

[Image: how-to-fix-null-imei-on-a-spreadtrum-phone-1.png]

* Wait for loading to begin and complete

[Image: how-to-fix-null-imei-on-a-spreadtrum-phone-3.png]

* You should see a list of apps

[Image: how-to-fix-null-imei-on-a-spreadtrum-phone-3b.png]

* Scroll down to


and select 83781

[Image: how-to-fix-null-imei-on-a-spreadtrum-phone-3c.png]

* Select Launch 1

[Image: how-to-fix-null-imei-on-a-spreadtrum-phone-4.png]

* Click on the Telephony tab

[Image: how-to-fix-null-imei-on-a-spreadtrum-phone-5.png]

* Scroll down to Set IMEI and select it

[Image: how-to-fix-null-imei-on-a-spreadtrum-phone-6.png]

* Insert the IMEI then click Set IMEI

[Image: how-to-fix-null-imei-on-a-spreadtrum-phone-7.png]

* You'll get a prompt saying "In order to guarantee the system to set the correct IMEI, recommended to restart the system" , select Ok

[Image: how-to-fix-null-imei-on-a-spreadtrum-phone-8.png]

* The phone will automatically restart

Method 3: IMEI Write Tool


* PC
* Download Spreadtrum IMEI Write Tool @ https://forum.hovatek.com/attachment.php?aid=279
* Install Spreadtrum drivers using https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-827.html
* Spreadtrum phone


* Enable USB Debugging on the phone then connect it to PC (Settings > Developer)
* Launch the Spreadtrum IMEI Write Tool

[Image: imei_write_for_spreadtrum_phones_1.jpg]

* Click Mode Sel

[Image: imei_write_for_spreadtrum_phones_4.jpg]

* Tick Normal Mode then click Select

[Image: imei_write_for_spreadtrum_phones_2.jpg]

* Enter the IMEI

[Image: imei_write_for_spreadtrum_phones_3.jpg]

* Click Write

[Image: imei_write_for_spreadtrum_phones_5.jpg]

* Wait for a few seconds and you should get a 'Passed' Message

[Image: imei_write_for_spreadtrum_phones_6.jpg]

* Reboot the phone and the new IMEI should reflect

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