[Tutorial] How to fix an MTK Android phone booting straight into boot mode

Have you been seeing Select boot mode when you try booting your MTK Android phone? Well, some MTK users have complained about their MTK Android phones not booting normally when they press the power button. Instead, their phones boot straight into boot mode with the cursor / arrow  automatically scrolling up and down, thereby, not allowing to select any option. Phones in such a situation also can't boot into recovery mode.  Many of such cases are linked to faulty boot / recovery partitions. If you're experiencing such, here are some things you could do. 1. Check the volume buttons The volume buttons might be sticky. Try holding down both volume buttons before pressing the power button. You cloud also try connecting the phone to a PC (while the PC is on ) before pressing the power button 2. Format the Memory card The phone might be having trouble accessing the memory card. Try formatting the memory card 3. Flash a fresh stock ROM using SP flash tool * Flash the stock ROM using SP flash tool ( See  https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-159.html ) . * Ensure to format first (DONT format Bootloader) then flash the files 4. Flash a fresh stock ROM using CWM Recovery mode * Boot the phone into factory mode (volume down + power) * Flash clockworkmod recovery image to the phone (see  https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-455.html) * Boot into clockworkmod / stock recovery mode then wipe cache and factory reset * If still stuck at brand logo, restore a clockworkmod (CWM) backup to the phone 5. Flash a fresh stock ROM using AIO flasher * Launch MTK droid tools and click adb terminal * Connect the phone to PC while in boot mode (volume down + power) * In adb terminal, type adb devices then press enter * Type adb reboot bootloader then press enter * The phone should boot into fastboot mode * Launch AIO flasher * Flash the files using AIO Flasher (See https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-466.html ) 

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