The real disadvantages of changing your phones imei number. Must read!

Changing of the International Mobile station Equipment Identity number (IMEI) is no longer a new or strange thing in our society.
Since the introduction of Glo Bis on Android, many Android phone users mostly, those with Chinese android brands (MTK) have embraced the idea of 

changing their phones IMEI number since in one way or the other reduce the cost of data subscription.
Many other people also, clone their phones imei to that of other phones just so they'd accumulate free Gigs or data from networks offering free data to specific phones for specific period of time.

IMEI numbers have one principal purpose, thats to identify mobile devices. Their secondary purpose, or intention, is to prevent theft. If a mobile device can be universally identified, a thief cannot change the SIM card on a phone and expect to keep the phone. IMEI numbers are hard-coded into device hardware, making it nearly impossible to change them without somehow damaging the device.
When a network provider like Airtel  , Mtn  , Etisalat ,Or Glo  nows that a device has been stolen, it can blacklist the IMEI code and lock it out of the its network.

Although changing of imei helps in reducing the cost of data, it also has its small small disadvantages... The disadvantages aren't exactly something to take note since they occur in rear cases.
Some Disadvantages of changing your phones IMEI number:

1. It is illegal in some countries:
Changing of phones imei is very illegal in many countries... Although I don't know if my beloved country Nigeria is included in those countries since I haven't heard of any court case regarding imei cloning or something related.
You can change your phone's IMEI number in Africa or Asia and get Scot free, but if you're caught changing your imei in Europe, you will be locked up In chainsss.

2. It may damage your device:
Since Imei numbers are hard-coded into device system, it is likely to damage your device when you try to change them.
Sometime, I wonder if this information is really true.. Some Chinese device doesn't obey this law at all. Maybe the chin chongs didn't hard-code their imei numbers into their devices after all...changing of chinese phones IMEI number is as easy as loading a recharge card.
It is almost risk free.

3. You lost true ownership or right to your device:
When you buy a new phone, the seller always ensure to write down the imei number of the phone to the receipt.
In my own knowledge, I believe they write down the imei to your receipt so you'd be able to claim your phone if its stolen and found.
I don't really know how to explain this but this example will..
Assuming u buy a device and change the imei, and then within 2-3 weeks the device gets stolen, you then rush and inform all your neighbours and friends to inform you if they find any Device that looks like yours in the hands of people you suspect.
If by the grace of God they find the device, you won't be able to claim it.
Yea, you won't be able to claim it since the device imei won't correlate
to the one you have in your receipt.
For sure the thief will win since you weren't able to provide that one unique source of true ownership.

Hey guys.. This disadvantages hardly occur though.. I'd say the chances of them occurring is 10 in a scale of 200 that's 10/200 poor right?
This shouldn't exactly discourage from tweaking your device to enjoy cheap or free data .. But its good you be aware though so if anything happens, you won't blame anyone but yourself.

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