Sample Regular Expressions

Below, you will find many example patterns that you can use for and adapt to your own purposes. Key techniques used in crafting each regex are explained, with links to the corresponding pages in the tutorial where these concepts and techniques are explained in great detail.
If you are new to regular expressions, you can take a look at these examples to see what is possible. Regular expressions are very powerful. They do take some time to learn. But you will earn back that time quickly when using regular expressions to automate searching or editing tasks in EditPad Pro or PowerGREP, or when writing scripts or applications in a variety of languages.
RegexBuddy offers the fastest way to get up to speed with regular expressions. RegexBuddy will analyze any regular expression and present it to you in a clearly to understand, detailed outline. The outline links to RegexBuddy's regex tutorial (the same one you find on this website), where you can always get in-depth information with a single click.

Oh, and you definitely do not need to be a programmer to take advantage of regular expressions!

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