Preventing Catastrophic Backtracking

The solution is simple. When nesting repetition operators, make absolutely sure that there is only one way to match the same match. If repeating the inner loop 4 times and the outer loop 7 times results in the same overall match as repeating the inner loop 6 times and the outer loop 2 times, you can be sure that the regex engine will try all those combinations.
In our example, the solution is to be more exact about what we want to match. We want to match 11 comma-delimited fields. The fields must not contain comma's. So the regex becomes: ^([^,\r\n]*,){11}P. If the P cannot be found, the engine will still backtrack. But it will backtrack only 11 times, and each time the [^,\r\n] is not able to expand beyond the comma, forcing the regex engine to the previous one of the 11 iterations immediately, without trying further options.

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