New Method to get Mtn 1GB with just N500 for 12 months

OK, we all know the the producers of the latest INFINIX HOT 2 partnered with giant mobile telecommunication network MTN to give those who buy the monstrous device whooping 1gb for just N500.
Order for this Infinix HoT2 device Here
Hahaha .... Thanks to IMEI TWEAKING. You can now enjoy this service too without even buying the phone, all u got to do is just copy its IMEI and put in your own phone shekinah.

Get the trick below:

1. Tweak this IMEI→359869060006361 Change the last 3/4 digits

2.After succeeding in tweaking IMEI, recharge your MTN SIM with N500, and text A1 to 131
Enjoy.. This will surely give data resellers bad market. Hehe
Enjoy my brother!!

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