Learn computer in 30 days

The world is everyday becoming a very small tiny global village.. Now u can almost do anything with your mobile phone, u can share videos, share music, share money or messages.

Today i'll introduce you to this wonderful app. With this app you can learn basic computing right from your mobile phone, you don't need to pay any extra cash to anybody.
The name of this app is learn computer in 30 days.
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Learn Computer in 30 Days
Are you new to using computers? Do you wonder what people mean when they say the cloud, Windows, ISP, or app? 
If you are new to the computer, don't worry,with this "Learn Computer in 30 days" app.
When it comes to learning today's technology, our Computer Basics tutorial app has all of the basic concepts covered.


- Basic Computers
- Hard-Ware
- Short Keys
- Email Basics
- Internet Basics
- Mac OS
- Online Safety
- Windows
- Devices
- Digital Skills
- Photos and Graphics
- Social Media
- Using the Cloud
- Office 2010
- Office 2013

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