Latest! Cheapest Data Plans for PC, Android, iPhone, iPad in Nigeria

Data and power is no doubt the biggest challenge every person in Nigeria has to contend seriously with.
Epileptic power supply has made data bundles so expensive that most Smartphones has turned toys in the hands of heavy internet users like me.
As the holidays draws very close, I’ll like us to discuss on the cheapest, most affordable and budget friendly data bundles you can use on the computer, android phones, iPad, iPhone, iPod, tablets and any other devices that uses SIM card to get access to the internet.

Airtel Android and Android 2×1 Plan

Airtel android 2×1 data plan gives you a sizable data of about 4GB for only NGN2,000 and 9GB for only NGN3,500. This data works across all devices that allows you get access to the internet including Mac and PC(s).
The only limitation with this plan is that your SIM card have to be eligible before you are allowed to subscribe to it. Believe me, it’s a great deal for you if you aren’t the YouTube kinda person.
Airtel regular android data bundle on the other hand, offers 2GB of data for NGN2,000 and 4.5GB of data for NGN3,500. This one has no limitation as it works for SIMs and on all devices.
To subscribe to any of this plans, check data balance or read more about it, check out our earlier post on Airtel Android Data Subscription Plans  and Activation Codes

Airtel Blackberry Unlimited Plan

Airtel Blackberry unlimited data bundle plan gives you access to a whooping 2GB of data for NGN1,500 only. Luckily this plan works across all smartphones, tablets, computer and other devices that lets you get access to the internet via a SIM card.
If it doesn’t work on your computer, you tweak it to work using the hack below:
Subscribe to the blackberry unlimited plan by dialing *440*16# or by sending bbum to 440==> top it up with 10MB @ NGN100 by dialing *141*11*1# ==> Start surfing with your computer and non-blackberry devices.
N/B: The code to subscribe to the Airtel blackberry unlimited plan is *440*16# and the code to check data balance is *123*9#.

Glo Complete Blackberry Plan

Glo Complete Blackberry data bundle plan is priced at NGN1,000 and capped at 3GB, I mean this is insane! Getting a whooping 3GB of data @ NGN1,000 is as tempting as not having to pay to browse the internet D);
As tempting as this offer is, it is not going to work for your non-blackberry devices without giving it a little tricky tweak .
To make the Glo complete Blackberry plan work on computer and non-Blackberry smartphones, you need have access to a blackberry device or stay close to someone who owns one.
As a student, this shouldn’t be a big deal as you can easily borrow a blackberry device from your course-mate, lodge-mate or even a friend , after all you are only going to use it for about 10 minutes .

The Tweak

  • Get a blackberry phone and insert your Glo SIM card into it
  • Send comonth to 777 or dial *777*21#, NGN1,000 will be deducted from your account
  • Wait for a message from Glo confirming your subscription to the monthly blackberry plan
  • Wait for about 5 minutes for the plan to activate (The Blackberry logo will normally show beside the 3G network icon or the edge will change to EDGE when on the 2G network coverage area) or remove the battery and insert it again.
  • Remove your SIM card from the blackberry device once you can confirm that the plan is activated
  • Insert into a modem, android phone, iPad, iPhone or whatever device you intend using it on
  • Set your device APN to and username/password to flat or gprs
  • Start surfing the internet, enjoying your 3GB of data.
To check your data balance send info to 777 or use the USSD menu.

MTN Night Bundle Plan

MTN night bundle data plan should be an automatic pick for you if you are working, or loves surfing during late night hours. It offers 1.5GB extra data and 3GB main data making it a total of 4.5GB for NGN2,500.
The 1.5GB extra data works round the clock (24/7) and on all devices. The 3GB part kicks in once the 1.5GB is exhausted and works only in the night (9pm to 6am).
If you ask for my opinion, I’ll say that this is the best data offer we can get from MTN Nigeria until they decide to come up with something else more tempting than this.
To subscribe to the MTN Night Bundle plan, you need send 2 to 131 or dial *102# from your phone’s USSD menu.
To check data bundle balance, you need send 2 to 131 or use the USSD menu as well.
We pray the 1.5GB extra data remains there for a very long enough time.
Your Turn
We have done our best to bring to you this data bundle plans that should help your small business get online, help you do your projects and researches as a student and/or engage with your buddies on the social media.
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Do not forget to share other cheap and affordable data plans you know below, they might help someone else get online D );.

Update! April, 2015

MTN Nigeria has introduced a data plan that gives you access to 1.5GB of data during the day and 3GB of data during the night (9pm to 6am) – totaling 4.5GB priced at NGN2,500
To subscribed for this data bundle plan – send “120” as an SMS to “131”. This is a cheaper internet data bundle plan than the regular night bundle plan.
Globacom Nigeria has also introduced a data subscription plan that allows you to browse day and night (24/7), 30 days at NGN2,500.
The data cap for the GLO special all day-all night data bundle plan is 4.5GB.
To subscribe to the GLO so special data bundle plan – you need send “58” as an SMS to “127” or dial *127*58#
The GLO so special package has other sub-categories, see the full list below –
4.5gb for 2500 dial *127*58#
12gb for 5000 dial *127*2#
24gb for 8000 dial *127*1#
Etisalat Nigeria isn’t left out in the mix, they have recently introduced a cheap data plan of NGN1,000 for 1GB and NGN2,000 for 2GB which seems to be the cheapest data plan they have ever come up with.
To subscribe to this cheap and affordable data bundle plan from Etisalat Nigeria – Dial the following USSD code:
  • For 1GB at NGN1,000 dial *229*2*7#
  • For 2GB at NGN2,000 dial *229*2*8#
This Cheap Etisalat data plan will work on Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows mobile, computers and internet enabled devices.
This should be the cheapest android, iOS data plan on the Etisalat network.
Use *228# to check your data balance.

Update! May, 2015.
Some users reported via our Facebook page that the Glo NGN1,000 blackberry tweak isn’t working for them. We tested this tweak before sharing it but do not really rely on cheap data subscription plans.
We advice you ignore it for now until we can test it again and confirm it still works fine – choose from the other options in our list of cheapest internet data bundle plans for Nigerian subscribers.
Update! August, 2015
Some Nigerian networks has reviewed their internet data bundles plans downward which made it necessary for us to update you with some of this updated cheaper internet data subscription plans for cheaper browsing on your Android, iOS, Computer and tablet devices.

  • MTN NIGERIA:  2GB at NGN2,000 data bundle plan. To activate, send “SPB” as an SMS to “131″. It is a month (30 days) validity plan
  • ETISALAT NIGERIA: 2GB at NGN2,000 data bundle plan. To activate, dial; *229*2*8#. It is also a month (30 days) validity plan
  • AIRTEL NIGERIA: The 2GB at NGN1,500 referenced above is now upgraded to 3GB at NGN1,500 and lasts for 30 days. The code to activate this data bundle plan remains  *440*16#. They also introduced two other cheaper internet data bundle plans that goes for NGN2,000 (4GB) and NGN3,500 (9GB) respectively. The code to activate this plans is *440*161# (for 4GB plan) and *438*1# (for 9GB plan) respectively.
  • GLO NIGERIA: Globacom introduced their cheapest non-blackberry data bundle subscription plan that lets you surf the internet and download up to 1GB of data at NGN1,000. To activate the 1GB at NGN1,000 data bundle plan, you need send “53” as a text message to “127”

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