How To Setup Facebook Page Before Send It To Verification

Setup Facebook Page Before send it to Verification is very useful for getting verified Facebook page, If you wanna verify your Facebook page, then first complete all parts of your Facebook page, After then you can send it to the Facebook verification team for verify. After giving Link For Verify Facebook Page for Get Logo, You know people are sending their verification request without any right set up, Its also Facebook’s policies against, Without complete, sending request its make spam, So don’t try without complete setup, First complete,after then send it to Verification team, Today we are sharing on its setup, Because without right setup we can’t verified on this social networking site not, So don’t worry let’s follow us and give right setup to your and get verified badge or logo.
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My Facebook Page verification request Not accepted what I Do

When we share link for send Facebook page verification request, People just sending their request without follow policies of this social networking site not. After sending without follow policies, If your request also, not accepted, then don’t worry, wait for a few days, trying get more likes and also set up right then do it. Actually, this social networking site not accepting these requested which are not complete and also those which are related to local business, and many people don’t know about this, When you will submit their also cleared that now are not accepting business request, Let’s read full conversation for right set up yours.

How to Setup Facebook Page Before send it to Verification

Getting verified logo for your Facebook page not hard, If you will follow the complete instructions on Facebook, You can get it very easily, Here is must need requirement, Which you must follow before submit for verification.
Good amount of Likes above 20k is good.
A website which related to your page.
An email, Not necessary,

About Section setup Before send it to Verification

The about section is very important, You must complete about section, because its most noticed by developers.  You can see below, screen shot.
Sitemap     – Give sitemap By Giving right address, With Pin Code.
About        – Give site link, Phone number, and 3 keywords of your page.
Biography  – Give your site link of About section or About us.
Description – Give all keywords of your page means about page.
Impressum – Give your site link only
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Setup Basic Info for verifying Facebook Page

Joined – Give date of joined or you can give Estimated date.
Affiliation – Give two or three keyword about your site.
Awards   –  A best post link of your site or any achievement link.
Price Range – $$$
Personal Information – Your information.
Personal Interests – You can add any.
Life event –  You can add any Life event if you have.

Facebook Page Cover

It should be related to your site, Best if you design with yourself.
Add picture related to your site, also best if you design with yourself.
Category – Don’t use business category, because still business category not accepted.

Some instruction for verification a Page

Guys, if you will follow these setting sure, You will get positive result, But don’t send again and again request, May be, this social networking site will block or page to verification feature, and again and again, sending request can make a spam, so trying to get best result you must, complete setting or setup,  So just follow our some easy instruction then send for verification, sure, you will get positive result. If you have any problem in verification method, or you have any issue of verification, then just ask us by commenting below.
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