How To Post To Multiple Facebook Groups At The Same Time

For whatever reasons you have created your blog or website you need traffic to make it popular on internet. Some bloggers advertise while others who at the moment cannot advertise use social media. At present, facebook still remain the most popular social media site. If you must promote your blog with facebook, then facebook groups should not be neglected. Yes, having a facebook page is necessary but these days it is vital you make use of facebook groups. Why am I so much emphasizing on it?
Facebook groups

Facebook have become extremely commercial. Finally they have realized that business owners, bloggers and other individuals are raking in reasonable amount of money by promoting their sites and businesses with facebook pages. What is happening now is, facebook has limited the number of people who will see a post on a page. For example, if you are a page owner, have you noticed how a post is served to limited audience despite having so many fans? If you have a page of 5000 fans and you update your page with a post containing a link, facebook will limit the audience that will see the post.
Using facebook group to promote your blog is more effective if you are not planning on doing facebook ads. You can create or join so many groups and post to all of them if it is permitted by the group admin. Sharing your blog post to so many groups one after the other can be a huge task and time consuming. Take for example, if you have joined over 70 groups, it definitely going to take your time and also consume data while posting to all them one after the other.
In view of this, I’ve decided to share how I post to multiple groups at the same time. I use my email address associated with my facebook account. This is how it works; every facebook group has its own id or username. To get the id or username of a particular group, go to the address bar of your browser. You will find something like this below or
654654266 is the group id and bloggingtips is the group username
Which ever of the two you see, copy it and change it to this format below to look like an email address
Do the same thing to all other groups you have joined.
==> Sign in to your email you have used to create your facebook account.  
==> Click on compose email. Then copy all the groups so-called emails you have formed and paste in the Bcc box. Leave a comma after an email.
==> Add your blog post title and post link in message box and send.
That is it. It’s so easy to do but if you don’t understand any part you can leave a comment. Make sure you join groups related to your niche or groups that permit random posting.

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