How To Borrow Airtime From Mtn, Glo, Airtel and Eisalat

How To Borrow Airtime From Etisalat,Airtel,Mtn and Glo

Hello, I'm Mr bona9ja... Today I will like to teach you how to borrow/ask for extra airtime from any network in Nigeria.
Sometimes you find yourself in places where you can't access any recharge card outlet.

Like when you're in the middle of the forest traveling and an emergency occur, only for you to realise your airtime have been exhausted. This extra time service was provided mainly for emergency purpose and other purposes.

 I will start with Mtn.
Mtn is no doubt the most used sim card in Nigeria followed by Airtel, Glo and Etisalat. Etisalat and Glo might be in same range anyway!

To borrow sim card from mtn.
- Dial *606#
- Follow the prompts, "1" to check for eligibility status, "2" Request for Extra time.
- Choose the amount you'd like to borrow and click OK.

Your account should be credited now.

For Airtel.
Airtel is one of the best network now in Nigeria, its really friendly and reliable for making calls and browsing. I'd advice you go for Airtel if you need cheap data(Mb) for your Android, windows, symbian and java phones even for your PC (computer)

To borrow airtime from Airtel.
- Dial *500#
- Follow the prompts
- Select your desired amount and punch OK.

For Etisalat.
This network is one of the coniest (trickish) network in Nigeria, they got lots of customers with their popular free 15mb valid for 1 week if you make a recharge of #200.

To borrow airtime from Etisalat.
- Dial *665#
- Follow the prompts
- Choose your desired amount and slap the OK button.

For Glo.
Glo is a very customer friendly network, although they weren't very popular here in the south some years ago.. They gain more popularity when they introduced their free 30mb valid for 1week when you make a recharge of #200. I tell you most solemnly, that step they took boasted the increment in their number of customers with adrenaline speed.

To borrow airtime from Glo.
- Dial *321#
- Follow the prompts, select your desired amount and kick the OK button.
- For quick service dial.
*321*50# for #50 recharge
*321*100# for #100 recharge.
*321*blablabla# for #blablabla recharge. That's it.
I hope this helps you in one way or the other.

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