Download Whatsapp+.. The beta version of Whatsapp.

I never knew I was missing out the fun and countless modding of whatsapp whatsapp+(plus) had to offer when I decide to stick with my official whatsapp
Whatsapp+ is the modded version of Whatsapp. It offers amazing features the original whatsapp couldn't offer or didn't offer. With whatsapp+ you get the privilege to

→Change the background of your whatsapp
→Download multiple beautiful themes.
→Apply your default phone theme.
→Mod your conversation screen
→Mod your main chat screen
→Mod your contact screen
→Mod your notification/pop up
→Mod contact picker screen
→Mod Your widgets
→Change your language
→Backup full conversation.
→Change pictures and audio sharing option
With all the amazing feature whatsapp+ could offer, it still got a major problem. The problem is, you can't install the all if your phone isn't rooted.

Root your device here
How to install whatsapp+
Note: Before following this steps, make sure you've backed up your official and data and deleted the official whatsapp

1. Download whatsapp+ here

2. Download root explorer here

3. Install root explorer

4.Launch root explorer then goto root»vendor»operator»app.
Delete whatsapp.

5. Search the whatsapp+ where you stored it after downloading and move or copy it to the app folder where you deleted the official whatsapp.

6. Install, fill in the requested request and enjoy.

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