Don't let your android damage your small eyes. Reduce phone brightness to 0.000% with this app.

Ok, no doubt You press your phone the most during the night or when you're back from work, which is still during the dark hour.
You're either surfing tru Facebook, Tweeting on twitter, Streaming on YouTube, laffing and learning from Nairaland, Acquiring knowledge from this Blog, or reviewing videos from Pornhubsss while you sleep at the comfort of your bed or cushions.

You know bright light kills the eyes especially during the night.
With the help of this app i'll introduce, it will help reduce the risk of you loosing your quality eyesight before you clock 50years.

Introducing Night mode app.
I call it the night crawlers app, this app reduces your phones brightness such that you'd think your phone itself is darkness.
This app is just like your default brightness app, but this app (NightMode) does more.

If you care about your eyes, I'll advice you to download the app here.

Its as easy as ABC to use.

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