Amazing trick to knw when someone on 2 go is using an offline mode to hide.

To identify buddies who hide using the offline mode
Immediate after which the buddy appeared as offline ( i.e in less
than a minute or 2 mininutes), go straight to the buddy's profile,
(1) Click on "VIEW PROFILE " of the buddy's 2go account
(2) Scroll to "LAST TIME SEEN" ( i.e the last time the person
logged in)
(3) Since the buddy just went offline within a minute or
2minutes, you ought to see "LAST TIME SEEN " (i.e 2minutes
(4) But if the time is not corresponding with the time your
buddy went offline ( i.e 2hours 34minutes ago,27hours
50minutes ago,11hours 3minutes ago.. etc),then you should
know that such person is hiding online with an offline mode,but
if the time corresponds with the time your friend went offline,that
shows that such person is truly offline.

SIGNED By: Zirysste F. Bawt
Contact: +2347061675728

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