All In One Usefull Android Mobile & Tablets Usb Driver Free Download

USB Drivers play a vital role when we wish to connect our phone to computer. You need to install USB Driver first for your mobile device to get connect and interact with your PC and theAndroid Smartphone and Tablet devices are not exception. We do various task by connecting our phone to PC such as- transferring data between computer and phone, syncing mobile to PC, rooting android phone, installing custom recovery like CWM Recover or TWRP Recovery, updating official firmware or flashing custom firmware. We need to use some tools like Odin, SuperOneClick etc. So, without installing  the proper USB driver for your phone, you can’t connect it with your PC and do all these important task.

Old & New Usb Driver For All In ONe

In this article, you’ll find USB Drivers for Android Devices for almost all Android Smartphone and tablets manufacturers such as- Samsung, Motorola, Sony, LG, HTC, Micromax, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, ZTE and many more. Although all the android mobile manufacturers provide USB drivers for their device along with the device model but you can also download drivers from their support page or anywhere else online. One more notable thing is, for most branded device windows install the USB driver automatically but if it's not done, you have to do it manually.

Here we have listed USB drivers for android devices for almost all manufacturers. Note that, single USB driver from a manufacturer can be used for all the models of that manufacturer, so you do not need to download separate USB driver for all the models of the same manufacturer. Download USB driver for your android phone from the below list.

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Note: All the USB drivers here listed are only for the Windows PC. If you are looking Android USB Drivers for Mac or Linux, then we recommend you to visit respective manufacturer website and download from their support page.

Download Android USB Driver For Samsung Mobile

Download Samsung USB Driver
Download Samsung Kies Utility
Or Direct Download Samsung Kies from Here

Download Android USB Driver For LG Mobile

Download LG USB Driver

Download Android USB Driver For HTC Mobile

Download HTC Sync Manager
or Direct Download HTC Sync Manager from Here

Download USB Driver For Motorola Mobile

Download Motorola Device Manager

Download USB Driver For SONY Mobile

Download Sony PC Companion
or Download Latest Sony PC Companion from here

Download USB Driver For Asus Mobile

Download Asus PC Suite
Download Asus USB Driver  or  Download Asus USB Driver
Download Asus Nexus 7 USB Driver  or  Download Asus Nexus 7 USB Driver

Download USB Driver For Acer Mobile

Currently we do not have any direct download link for Acer USB Driver. You can download Acer Android USB Driver from the below process:
  • Go to Support page of Acer
  • Choose country
  • Select Drivers and Manuals
  • Select your device
  • Select OS and Download driver from there

Download USB Driver For Lenovo Mobile  

Download Lenovo USB Driver

Download USB Driver For Dell Mobile

No direct download link available. Follow the below step by step guide to download USB driver for Dell android mobile:

Download USB Driver For ZTE Mobile

Download ZTE USB Driver  or Download ZTE USB Driver

Download USB Driver For Huawei Mobile

Download Huawei HiSuite
Download Huawei USB Driver

Download USB Driver For Intel Mobile

Download Intel USB Driver

Download USB Driver For Amazon Mobile

Download Amazon USB Driver  or Download Amazon USB Drivers

Download USB Driver For Sharp Mobile

Download Sharp USB Driver

Download USB Driver For Pantech

Download Pantech USB Driver

Download USB Driver For Alcatel Mobile

Download Alcatel One Touch USB Driver

Download USB Driver For Fujitso Mobile

Download Fujitso USB Driver

Download USB Driver For XIAOMI Mobile

Download XIAOMI USB Driver

Download USB Driver For Asus Garmin

Download Garminfone PC Sync Software

Download USB Driver For KT Tech Mobile

Download KT Tech USB Driver

Download USB Driver For Kyocera Mobile

Download Kyocera USB Driver

Download USB Driver For Pegatron Mobile

Download Pegatron USB Driver

Download USB Driver For Teleepoch USB Driver

Download Virgin Mobile Chaser USB Driver

Download USB Driver For Oppo Mobile

Download Oppo Find 5 USB Driver

So, find USB driver for your android Smartphone or tablet from the above list. We have covered as much Android USB Drivers from various manufacturer. Hope you find USB driver for your android phone. If your android phone manufacturer is not in the above list, then contact with us with your mobile manufacturer name, model name and code number using the comment form below, we’ll help you to get USB driver for your mobile. 

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