Problems You Might Face When Upgrading to Windows 10

Let's go straight to the point. Due to the different configurations, drivers and softwares we have installed on our computer, Upgrading to Windows 10 might bring up issues you don't want. 

What Are They Problems I Might Face After I Upgrade To Windows 10?

  • Driver's Incompatibility Problems

    Problems starts with drivers that can't work with windows 10 yet. Sooner or later, they would be updated to be compatible with Windows 10 but not all are compatible yet.
  • Software Incompatibility causing Buggy Softwares

    Some software developers haven't had the chance to release a new update on their software to support Windows 10 and be able to function well with the new operating system. Especially Personal software developers, which have ended the project or are too busy to make an update for the software. So, some softwares might not work properly on Windows 10.
  • Bootloops Problems;
This is a common cause of your computer restarting over and over again without your permission. It usually occurres after you just upgraded to Windows 10

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