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You can find sha1 digests for binaries package on GitHub as well.
Notepad++ v6.8.2 bug-fixes:
  1. Remove Source Code Pro font du to the different issues.
  2. Add back "Notepad++ Community (Forum)" menu item.
  3. Fix a visual glitch on starup and on exit.
  4. Fix "Open in/Move to new instance" issue (to memorize the language and the position).
  5. Fix Preferences dialog loses focus issue while enabling document list panel.
  6. Fix the narrow columns problem in Ascii Insert Panel under a high DPI.
  7. Fix the list items' squeezed height problem in function list panel and project panel under a high DPI.
  8. Fix panel caption squeezed display under a high DPI.
  9. Fixed buffer overrun when opening a recent file.
  10. Make toolbar refresh properly while switching over small/big icons.

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