Does My Laptop Have A Graphics Card?

I will not be surprised if you don't know if your laptop has a graphics card or not. Well is only a short quick tutorial to enable you identify if your laptop has a graphics card or not.

  • First of all, Go to your Desktop either by pressing Windows Key+D or any other longer method you want to use.
  • Right Click on your Desktop Screen
  • Click on Screen Resolution
  • Click on Advanced Settings
  • Mine is Intel HD Graphics 3000 and it has Dedicated Video Memory of 32MB, that's pretty low, What you see there should be difference, If you see either Nvidia or AMD Radeon, Congrats you have a graphics card. That's one job done! You still have to identify what type of graphic card you have, its capabilities, weaknesses and dedicated video memory and you can get all that information in the picture above.

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