Power situation in the country despite all the investments still hasn’t got to a point where we start getting steady consistent power supply, so it’s no doubt things like generators, inverters, extra batteries and power banks are a must have in these parts.

Speaking of power banks, they usually come with a USB cable with which you charge your device. Some people prefer using the long USB cables that come with their phones, but its actually wrong. Rather look for a short USB cable to use.

Longer USB cables have longer length of wire inside it and this implies more resistance. Physics people understand this better. The longer the cable, the more resistance it offers, and the more the resistance, the more current it saps. In simpler terms, this means if you use a longer USB cable, your power bank will run down faster than if you used a shorter USB cable. If you doubt that, try the experiment yourself.

Use a long USB cable on your power bank. Note how long your power bank lasts. Then subsequently use a shorter USB cable, and also note how long it will last. Before each trial, make sure the power bank is fully charged so you can get more precise results.

After this discovery, I duly, kindheartedly cuddled my old Nokia short USB cable.
The old lady creaks of age, worn and tear, but I fastened her with a masking tape to hold its ends in place. This cable or any other short USB cable you can find is ideal for use with power banks.

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