UNN Post Utme Update 4: Confirm Your Exam date and Batch here

The 2015 Post UTME screening of the University of Nigeria holds from Tuesday 11th – Friday 14th August, 2015 and Monday 17th – Friday 21st August 2015.
There will be two Batches namely:
  • Batch 1: Candidates whose names were originally sent by JAMB.
    Registration for this Batch ends on 7th August.
    Exam Date is from 11th -14th August, 2015.
  • Batch 2: Candidates who were omitted in the original list sent by JAMB but who selected the University of Nigeria as first choice and Scored 200 and above in the UTME.
    Registration for this batch ends on 12th August, 2015.
    Exam holds from 17th -21 August, 2015.
Click on the links below to confirm your Batch
>>BATCH 1 Candidates.
>>BATCH 2 Candidates (200-216).
>>BATCH 2 Candidates (217-265).
(Note: The Links contain PDF documents, and are best viewed with a PDF capable device, preferable a Computer and not Mobile Phones).
Also, Re-print your Acknowledgement slip to get your exam date and time.
Find below the exam timetable for Batches 1 and 2.

Exam Time Table for Batch 1:

DAY ONE: Tuesday August 11, 2015.
FACULTIES: Agricultural Sciences, Medicine & Surgery, Dentistry, Health Science and Technology, Veterinary Sciences and Engineering.
TIME; 9am – 11am : Veterinary Medicine (All candidates), Agricultural Sciences (All candidates).
11am – 1pm : Medicine & Surgery (All candidates), Dentistry (All candidates).
1pm – 3pm : Health Sciences and Technology (All Candidates).
3pm – 5pm : Engineering (All candidates).
DAY TWO: Wednesday August 12, 2015.
FACULTIES: Law, Arts and Education.
TIME; 8am – 10am : Law (All candidates), Arts (Mass communication).
12pm – 2pm : All other departments in Faculty of Arts.
2pm – 4pm : Education (All candidates).
DAY THREE: Thursday August 13, 2015.
FACULTIES: Biological Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physical Sciences and Environmental Studies.
TIME: 9am – 11am : Biological Sciences (Plant Science and Biotechnology, Microbiology, Zoology and Environmental studies and Combined Biological Sciences).
11am – 1pm : Biological Sciences (Biochemistry), Pharmaceutical Sciences (All candidates).
1pm – 3pm : Physical Sciences(All candidates).
3pm – 5pm : Environmental Studies (All candidates).
DAY FOUR: Friday August 14th, 2015.
FACULTIES: Business Administration and Social Sciences.
TIME; 9am – 11am : Business Administration (All candidates).
11am – 1pm : Social Sciences (Econs, Public Admin and Sociology/Anthropology).
1pm – 3pm : Social Sciences ( All other departments in Social Sciences).

Exam Time Table for Batch 2:

DAY ONE: Monday August 17, 2015.
FACULTIES: Medicine & Surgery.
TIME; 9am – 11am : Medicine & Surgery (234 and Above).
11am – 1pm : Medicine & Surgery (220 – 233).
1pm – 3pm : Medicine & Surgery (209 – 219).
3pm – 5pm : Medicine & Surgery (200 – 208).
DAY TWO: Tuesday August 18, 2015.
FACULTIES: Dentistry, Health Sciences and Technology, Biological Sciences and Agriculture.
TIME; 9am – 11am : Dentistry (All candidates), Health Sciences and Technology (Nursing-All Candidates).
11am – 1pm : Health Science (Radiography & Radio Sciences – All Candidates), Medical Rehabilitation – All Candidates.
1pm – 3pm : Pharmaceutical Sciences – (200-217).
3pm – 5pm : Pharmaceutical Sciences – (218 and Above), Biological Sciences (All Candidates), Agricultural Sciences (All candidates).
DAY THREE: Wednesday August 19, 2015.
TIME; 9am – 11am : Law (243 and Above).
11am – 1pm : Law (230 – 242).
1pm – 3pm : Law (217 – 229).
3pm – 5pm : Law (200 – 216).
DAY FOUR: Thursday August 20, 2015.
FACULTIES: Physical Sciences, Engineering, Arts and Business Administration.
TIME: 9am – 11am : Engineering (All candidates), Physical Sciences(All candidates).
11am – 1pm : Arts [Mass communication (204 and Above)].
1pm – 3pm : Arts [Mass communication (200 and 203)], Arts [All Other Courses in the Faculty of Law].
3pm – 5pm : Business Administration [Accountancy (All candidates)], Banking and Finance (All Candidates)
DAY FIVE: Friday August 21, 2015.
FACULTIES: Business Administration and Social Sciences, Education and Environmental Studies.
TIME: 9am – 11am : Business Administration [Managements – All Candidates)], Education (All candidates), Environmental Studies – (All Candidates).
11am – 1pm : Social Sciences [Economics – All Candidates].
1pm – 3pm : Social Sciences [Political Sciences – All Candidates], Social Sciences [Sociology and Anthropology – All Candidates].
3pm – 5pm : Social Sciences [Public Administration & Local Govt. (All Candidates)], Social Sciences [Psychology (All Candidates)], Social Sciences [Geography (All Candidates)], Social Sciences [Philosophy (All Candidates)], Social Sciences [Religious Studies (All Candidates)].
All candidates are required to bring the following for the screening exercise.
i. A copy of ONLINE form duly completed.
ii. 2015/2016 JAMB slip.
No GSM handsets, calculators or any other extraneous material should be brought into the screening halls.
Venue for the screening is Nnamdi Azikiwe Library (Digital Laboratory), University of Nigeria, Nsukka campus.

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